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17 August 2011 @ 05:30

Comics: Songs by The Smiths Become a Comic Book
Random: Tricking Neo-Nazis
Random: Barbershop Destroyed By London Rioters To Be Rebuilt Via Internet Donations
Space: Mars Panorama
Space: Darkest Planet Ever
Weiss Kreuz: Schwarz Artbook (via balljointedomi)
Weiss Kreuz: Crawford/Schuldig Fanart from nuraya
Weiss Kreuz: Weiss & Schwarz Fanart

Spam From Japan: An Introduction To Ishinomaki Trying to describe the city I where spent the previous week. I don't think anything can...

Well, it was Comiket this weekend, but I didn't go. From Friday to Sunday, I attended all-day workshops on the art of stage combat -- rapiers, quarterstaves and unarmed. On the final day, we did three different scenes, each one using a different weapon. Surprisingly, my favourite was the unarmed scene, where I played Treat from Orphans and punched and strangled my little brother around the stage like a "psychopathic arsehole". Fun!

In the evening, J and I watched Doctor Who, Tiger & Bunny 20 and Thundercats 4 in quick succession. I'm slowly, slowly catching up with the Doctor and I think you can probably guess what the latest one was for me. I think the scariest thing was reading afterwards that there were actually people inside those statues.
balljointedomiballjointedomi on 14th August 2011 13:58 (UTC)
I love the WK fanart for The Fandom Wars, especially the picture of Aya in his orange sweater and the Weiss kittens (so adorable) :D

Do you know that there will be more WK fanart posted for the challenge? ;) NC-17 :D (wk porn, yey!)
balljointedomiballjointedomi on 14th August 2011 15:05 (UTC)
As for the old man and his barbershop-- I hope the disgusting scum aka Rioters are ashamed of themselves...
Williamgenkischuldich on 15th August 2011 05:53 (UTC)
I didn't know -- and I don't follow the comm or know the rules. I think I got the link from you, but I couldn't confirm it since I'd saved it a long time ago. If it was you, thanks!
Ariss Tenohariss_tenoh on 14th August 2011 14:30 (UTC)
Thanks for the WK links! It's good to see the fandom isn't totally dead.
Williamgenkischuldich on 15th August 2011 05:54 (UTC)
It's still going on all over my flist! There's been a sudden revival in the last two-three(?) months or so, as a few vocal and influential new fans joined the fandom. :)
Ariss Tenohariss_tenoh on 15th August 2011 09:23 (UTC)
If you see an Aya/Schu fanart, could you link to it? Pretty please?
Williamgenkischuldich on 15th August 2011 09:33 (UTC)
Honestly? I link to any fanart I see and like, regardless of pairing. If it's good and I notice it, it'll be here. :)
balljointedomiballjointedomi on 15th August 2011 17:28 (UTC)
I recommend going through the galleries at weisskreuz.ru, if you haven't seen them yet :)


I especially recommend 13-16 (maitai, ОльХ/Olgita, junajull, error256), but there are many amazing artists and you certainly will find something with Aya/Schuldig :)
Ariss Tenohariss_tenoh on 17th August 2011 10:46 (UTC)
Thanks so much for the link!
Iczer6iczer6 on 14th August 2011 16:20 (UTC)
Wait there were people inside the Weeping Angels?
Williamgenkischuldich on 15th August 2011 06:02 (UTC)
According to the internets, the angels were actually actors in prosthetics & make-up rather than actual statues. Which could make sense due to all the different poses that would be needed.
Iczer6iczer6 on 15th August 2011 06:21 (UTC)
我が愛しき修羅: Spoony > Facepalming like it's 2007bemysty on 15th August 2011 19:57 (UTC)
...I don't know whether I should yell at you or clap about that pic D:
Williamgenkischuldich on 17th August 2011 02:18 (UTC)
A golf clap will suffice. :P