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18 August 2011 @ 20:12

Live-Action Noir (via bemysty)
Japan: Safes Recovered From Tsunami
Random: Seven Things A Twenty-Something Can't Do What a pathetic list... and so true (except for #6, or so I'd like to think.).
Random: Men, Women and First Loves
Tech: Advertisers in Japan Suggest Search Terms in Ads Okay, that's been going on for a while. What really surprised me was that advertisers don't always check to make sure they are number one in listings. I always presumed that they had used very careful SEO with the suggested search terms. Apparently not!

Spam From Japan Video: Fireworks Over Ishinomaki This is the video that will be included in the next blog post. Unfortunately I have to go to work now.
Spam From Japan in Japanese: Kawabiraki in Ishinomaki [JP] A translation of an "American" blog report of Kawabiraki in Ishinomaki-- HOLY CRAP THAT'S MY BLOG. Which might explain why yesterday I had three weeks of pages views in one day on a single blog post!

The improv showcase was great and we had quite a large audience too. I'm sure we'll go over it next week, but for now I'm honestly happy with my performance. I even got on stage to help out another group, which is usually something I have trouble with. Anyway, all the sketches were high-quality, which is something I hope we can repeat next time. It means a lot to me to be performing in front of an audience like that and creating the material myself.
L.impressioniste on 18th August 2011 12:41 (UTC)
Congratulations about the showcase!
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th August 2011 04:33 (UTC)
Thank you!