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Bio: Profile of Stephen Tennant (via indelicateink)
Books: Cthulu Meets Tintin Lovecraft's "The Dunwich Horror" was published in the same year Tintin first appeared.
Film: Ridley Scott to Remake Bladerunner?
News: Shindo Lower 5 in Fukushima & Miyagi Today, we had another aftershock. A tsunami advisory was issued, then recalled. No damage to power plants that we know about.
Random: When Search Terms Go Wrong A follow-up to yesterday's talk on Japanese ads suggesting search terms.
Tiger&Bunny: All-chara Fanart Dump from frogally.
Tiger&Bunny: Fire Emblem Fanart from haine_x3.
Writing: Story Notes From Hell A fairly new site posting comments received by writers from Hollywood executives.

Spam From Japan: Volunteering Up North, Part Three: Festival Time in Ishinomaki Photographs of the mikoshi (shrine) made of tsunami debris, plus video of the fireworks.

Doing some more writing today. Apologies if I owe you a story and I swear I'm working on it.

My landlord rang this evening and asked if we had any Koreans living with us. I said no repeatedly because I assumed that he was implying we had either sub-contracted the apartment or had people living with us who weren't on the contract. Which probably *was* one of their concerns. But it turned out that two people by the name of Ii and Kou had gone to a locksmith, told them they had lost their key to our apartment and tried to get them to open it up! Luckily, said locksmith rang the landlord, who put a stop to it.

I'm a little worried, but as long as locksmiths are checking up on these things, it should be okay. I just hope they keep checking!

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