William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Anime: Every Anime Opening Ever Made [Video]
Japan: Police Crackdown on Nightclubs Linking more for the description of being drug-tested.
Space: Scientists Trace Heat Wave To Radiation-Emitting Star At Centre Of Solar System From The Onion, by the way.
Tiger&Bunny: Event Details We should have a meet-up.

Spam From Japan: Volunteering Up North Part Four: Oyster Farming Almost everything you ever wanted to know about oyster farming in Japan, from a tiny fishing village in the area that was closest to the earthquake epicentre on Honshu.

Yesterday, J and I went to Chichibu in Saitama to visit temples and the famous Iwadatami Rock. We even went past it on a boat. Due to recent events in the news, there were lots of signs urging us to wear lifejackets. Despite that, it was all very safe and I didn't even get my camera wet! Pictures to follow, once I've finished the fifth and final post on my time in Ishinomaki.

Today I went disco-bowling in yukata in Shibuya for A's birthday. Yes, I did wear a yukata -- I'll put a photo up on Facebook if I'm feeling brave. The photos of everyone else will definitely be going up -- I wonder if I can get it done before bed tonight?

I'm still watching Doctor Who, but was a bit disappointed with the Christmas special (on the Titanic -- I'm sure there's been many more since then!) and only slightly less so with the first episode of the next series. Hope it gets better soon.

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