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Mirai Nikki Official Site (Via bemysty.)
Japan: Hallucination Competition In Hokkaidou For Those With Mental Illnesses I hate it when people just shrug their shoulders and go 'oh Japan...' to excuse stuff that wouldn't fly anywhere else and I try never to say it myself. Having said that... well, it's difficult to tell whether this is a reporting issue or not, which it could well be.
Japan: Photographs of Rice Fields in Himeji
LGBT: Transgender Contestant Wows Australia's X-Factor [VIDEO]
Nature: Giant, Logged Trees
Photography: HowToBeARetronaut.com (Via indelicateink.)
Politics: Industry Minister Resigns Over 'Town of Death' Comment Apparently, many news services (originally?) translated his comment as "ghost town". And now I've linked to something political, I can't really hold it in much longer. You know what? I LIKED Kan. Believe it or not, I WANT an anti-nuclear PM! Sure, he was unprepared for a disaster of this magnitude, but no other Prime Minister would have been. Not even super-popular Koizumi could have handled this well. And Kan didn't do too badly after all. And the "scandal" that the opposing politicians are up in arms about simply means that the Diet is happier to accept money from TEPCO than a foreign resident. And I'm angry that Noda et al were all squabbling in Tokyo about who should be the next PM instead of helping out people in Fukushima.
Radiation: Testing Food For Radiation in Japan Contrary to popular opinion, it IS done.
Tiger&Bunny: That-Pin-From-The-Anime Giveaway & Character Perfumes From what I can figure out, to be one of the 500 people who gets the pin, you have to collect three tokens from Newtype magazines around October/November. Both links from galerian_ash.
Tiger&Bunny: Kotetsu & Bunny Mousepads With Giant 3D Asses Surprisingly, not particularly work-safe...

I went to the Asakusa Comedy Show on Friday, which is a great show, but has yet to draw much of an audience. Give it a go -- going to things on Friday night is fantastic, because it makes the weekend seem longer. This is particularly the case for me when I have to do Grown-Up Stuff like getting my teeth cleaned, which meant I couldn't go to a Magic: The Gathering event. I'm probably going to be entering the tournament in Hiroshima next month, so I wanted a go at playing real people.

Speaking of which, I stopped in Kichijouji and saw a few mikoshi processions and also signed up for an Innistrad (MTG) pre-release party. I've noticed a few fans describing the Innistrad symbol as looking like a Dodrio from Pokemon. They may have a point. :)

I'm still working on my writing (I think "First Snow" is almost ready to be sent off!), but right now I'm going through my photographs of Brazilian Day at Yoyogi Park. One such photo is above.

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