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Teen Titans Has A Gay Member
Random: US UFO Sightings Spike In August, Presumably Due To Movie Releases
Redheads: Sperm Bank Turns Down Red-Head Donors Schuldig is a sad panda.
UK: UK Government Announces Plans For Marriage Equality And in the US, DADT is finished too.

Guess who has finally allowed himself to read Livejournal again? ;)

J: What's the worst thing that could possibly happen? Tiger being dead?
Me: *shrug* I'm okay if that happens.
J: Okay, what if it flashes forward ten years, Tiger is married to Blue Rose and Bunny is married to Kaede?
Me: *THE FACE OF DEATH apparently*

That was an awesome, awesome final episode. Absolutely everything I wanted, two more things that I didn't know I wanted and relentlessly feel-good. A lot of people predicted that Tiger would retire, possibly to be replaced by Kaede and it DIDN'T HAPPEN. Yay.

I didn't want Tiger to give up -- he's not old by any means. He didn't just not give up, he got an entire speech about it too. And that love between Bunny and Tiger at the end would have been canon BL if this anime was made in the early nineties. :) Although I'm sure this has been commented on a million times across the internet -- they use the word 'aibou', which is about as non-sexual a word you can use whilst referring to a partner to my mind.

And those two things -- Agnes turning up and being awesome. And second? Fire Emblem and Rock Bison. *fist pump*

I got an e-mail today about an event in Kanagawa in November called Tiger&Bunny HERO AWARDS and I'm certain they'll announce a second series then. I just wonder which direction they'll take Tiger's powers -- patch him up or let his powers run down? I don't know which way I swing on this. I want him to be the best, but maybe that isn't the point. Anyway Sunrise, don't fuck this up.

Summary: I recommend this series. You can link me to your spoilers posts now and also any posts that I may have missed.

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