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Random: Suicide By Rollercoaster It's about a man who has set out to design a deadly rollercoaster, not about someone who actually did it...
Typhoon Roke: Powerful Typhoon Roke hits Japan (BBC)
Typhoon Roke: Typhoon Roke Makes Landfall in Japan (Bloomberg)

So, that typhoon has now passed over our house as a "category one hurricane" (you know, if it were a hurricane). J is stranded in Tokyo as the trains aren't running and the cat is a little perturbed.

Well, now it's heading up north and the scenario that the US media were creaming themselves over for Typhoon Talas looks like it's actually going to happen. It's heading for, not just Ishinomaki in Miyagi, but also Kobuchi-Hama on the Oshika Peninsula, where we helped the oyster-farmers. When I was there, Ishinomaki flooded at high tide under normal circumstances, so this could be very bad indeed. Please keep them in your thoughts. There is a chance it could weaken into a tropical storm before or after Fukushima prefecture.

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