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Top 10 Things To Do In Japan [National Geographic] One thing that struck me about this list was that it was so inane. Isn't NG the magazine responsible for all those Long Exposure Photography Of The Stars Over A Mountain Range pictures? I love those. Anyway this list recommends you go Kyoto and Asakusa, try out a hot spring, stay in an extremely expensive ryokan and eat ramen. Woah. I should do a similar list for them about Britain. 1: Go to London and Edinburgh. 2: Stay in an expensive hotel. 3) Have a sausage roll from Greg's. Hey, I'm pretty good at this!
News: Women in Saudi Arabia given right to vote
Photography: Inside a Mexican Meth Lab
Ponies: Ending Scene, side-by-side with Star Wars Everypony, you have to see this! Spoilers for season 2, episode 2.
Random: People Pointing At Stuff

I got up at 6am today, started getting dressed. About fifteen minutes later I got a phone call: I wasn't needed.

So, today I've been working. I sent off an article proposal to a magazine and am feeling nervous about it. Sending stuff is exhausting! And, of course, I wrote a bit more fanfic. It's turning out to be somewhat epic.

I'm getting frustrated with my article on Chichibu. Too many damn photos.

From now on, I've got a busy week ahead of me. I'm teaching every night from here until next weekend, and when I'm not, I'm backstage at the theatre, performing myself or having my teeth done. And a reminder for anyone who wants to come to the improv night where I'll be performing, here are the details again. It's next week and I'd love to see you there. :)

Improv Student Showcase
Place: Our Space, Hatagaya (Tokyo)
Date: October 5th 2011
Doors open: 8:00pm
Show starts: 8:30pm
Finish: 10:00pm (roughly)
Cost: 500 yen.
Reservations: Not needed. But tell me so I can give you directions.
What: Four groups of improvisers compete to be the funniest. You can give suggestions and vote for the best.

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