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I went to see Alien in the cinema the other day. Even though I knew when all the jump scenes were and what would happen at each stage, it was still terrifying after all these years. Well, except for the chest-burster scene where the alien jumps out and zips across the table. But mostly it's fantastic.

Since my last post, I've been to Friday Night Magic twice, which is a competitive card gaming event for Magic: The Gathering. I totally failed the first time, but the second time I won a match. I love taking part, yes, but I do prefer it when I win! Next week, of course, I'll be going to the Tokyo Comedy Store. But the week after that, I hope to have made my deck better, probably by including more one mana cards, swapping some cards out and sorting out the mana balance.

I added the official Gluhen timeline into the All That Weiss timeline after seeing a discussion about it here. Yes, it's probably been done already, but I was feeling overwhelmed by all the crazy radiation articles in the newspaper lately. It's a vicious cycle -- you see a claim so bizarre that you google it and turn up all these crazy websites rather than legit ones because no legit site has even considered the possibility of said claim. And so you enter the insanity spiral... It was relaxing to just move information around on a page.

Anyway, here it is. Corrections welcome.

RED indicates where something went very wrong. This is usually where the two timelines disagree.

Weiss Combined Timelines

Aya travels to Sendai with his family.

The beginning of the Takatori conspiracy. Aya's (Ran) parents die, and his younger sister is left unconscious.

Ken becomes involved with The Creepers in a J-League gambling dispute. On the verge of death, Persia (Takatori Shuuichi) helps him. His close friend Kase remains missing.

Youji, while working on a search for runaway girls at his detective agency, gets caught up with the prostitution organisation Riot. On the verge of death, Persia helps him. His partner Asuka remains missing.

Omi is abducted, but his parents refuse to pay the ransom. On the verge of death, Persia helps him. However, he lost his memories of everything that happened up until that point.

Aya is assigned to Sendai Kritiker. He meets with sword master Shion, Kikyou, Tsubaki, and Kuroyuri. During a mission, Kikyou betrays them, and Tsubaki and Kuroyuri are killed, while Shion goes missing. [Dramatic Collection II]

Aya ignores orders and is hospitalised by Kritiker, but he escapes. He finds a guide dog who leads him to an old married couple. He listens to their piano. [Wish a Dream Collection II]

[Note: This was originally located just before the section describing how Aya was assigned to Crashers, but it seems to follow on from the previous timeline entry.]

Ran is saved from the verge of death and re-assigned to Tsushima Kritiker. [Dramatic Collection II] He meets Taiyou. [Wish a Dream Collection III]

Kritiker sends Ken to Yakushima as a spy.

Persia starts training Omi to be a killer. He kills his beloved dog. [Wish a Dream Collection II]

Aya is assigned to Tokyo Crashers. After following the orders of Queen, Persia's private secretary, Rook has withdrawn from the frontline and Aya is his replacement. With the help of Taiyou's brother Knight (Yuushi), Bishop, and Pawn, they accomplish the mission. [Crashers, Knight & Ran]

Aya, Ken, Youji and Omi meet at the flower shop "Koneko no Sumu Ie" and find out they will be a team. [The Meeting Short Story] When they go on their first mission together, there is zero team spirit. [Wish a Dream Collection IV]

Weiss execute a man who has been selling the organs of illegal labourers overseas. Sayaka is killed by Kiryuu Yoshimasa to harvest her body parts. Kiryuu is a dollmaker who makes the dolls out of teenage girls. Both he and his bodyguard, Hamasaki Reiichi, are executed by Weiss. [Dramatic Image Album I & II]

Weiss go on a mission to Italy and take part in a mission with an Italian organisation Fortuna. Weiss start to enjoy a sense of camaraderie for the first time. [Gluhen II - Theater of Pain]

Weiss executes the assassination group Scalp. [Kapital: Episode 1]

Aya meets Takatori Reiji once more, during a mission to stop a game known as "Human Chess" at an underground casino. [Kapital: Episode 2]

Youji, along with Weiss, break up an international prostitution ring called Riot. They execute the head of the organisation, Kusunoki Masatada, his deputy, Nanbara Tamami, and the Riot club director, Hirooka Hiroshi. Along the way, Youji meets Maki, who is subsequently killed. [Kapital: Episode 3]

Weiss go to an onsen and are caught up in events there. They meet the series most intense character, Kokomi. [Wish a Dream Collection I]

Weiss go on a mission to Sendai. Aya kills Kikyou. [Dramatic Collection II]

The target of Weiss' next mission is Ken's close friend Kase Kouichirou. He executes him. [Kapital: Episode 4]

Weiss' mission is to shut down a manufacturing company making a poisonous soft drink called "Freude". They execute Katsura Hisao, the company president, and Maeda Hiroshi, the factory manager. Ken meets Yuriko, who's a fan of the drink, but she leaves for Australia. [Kapital: Episode 5]

Aya meets Tomoe Sakura. Sakura has had her kidney stolen by the Krankenhaus group, an international organ trading organisation. Weiss execute Yokoo Shigemi, the leader of Krankenhaus. [Kapital: Episode 6]

Ken meets his childhood friend, Sayama Natsuki, and executes the nun who raised them at the church orphanage. He also meets Nagi. [Dramatic Collection I]

Nagi goes to Germany.

[Note: The Gluhen timeline put Kikyou's fight with Aya directly before Ken's execution of Kase. All That Weiss puts it somewhere between the time Ken meets Nagi and Momoe goes to a retirement home. It also puts the Dramatic Collection CDs on a different timeline from the anime, so it's difficult to slot them together. It's certain that Nagi goes to Germany before episode 8 though.]

Weiss execute Katou Michio, Sano Ken'ichi and Yamagami Shinji, who are the ringleaders of a group dedicated to kidnapping elementary school kids. [Kapital: Episode 7]

[Note: The above mission may come before or after Dramatic Collection I as it isn't depicted on the same timeline. The placing is therefore arbitrary, but I'm putting later to give Nagi sometime to come back from Germany. Personally, I would also put Kikyou's burial around this time too, so the Dramatic Collection CDs progress chronologically, but the Gluhen timeline was written later and is the one which slotted the CD dramas into the anime timeline, so I'm going with that.]

Monsters start appearing in the streets. Weiss destroys Takatori's pharmaceutical company Kourin. Schwarz (who work for SS) and Schreient (who work for Takatori Masafumi) make their first appearances. [Kapital: Episodes 8 & 9]

Weiss are given a mission to stop a group that is offering the rich to hunt humans for sport. [Kapital: Episode 10] Omi discovers his past as Takatori Mamoru and about Aya's history with his family. As he tries to make sense of the idea that Ouka is his sister, she is killed by Farfarello. [Kapital: Episodes 11 & 12]

Bombs are exploding in the city, and a terrorist group calling themselves "Weiss" is taking responsibility. [Kapital: Episode 13]

Momoe, who worked at the Koneko no Sumu Ie, joins a nursing home facility. She is reunited with Tokura. Weiss executes the nursing home owner who was abusing the clients there. [Dramatic Collection III]

[Note: The Gluhen timeline has Ouka's death before Momoe leaves for the nursing home, and Shuuichi's death after it. Other events, such as Reiji becoming Prime Minister are unlisted, and it's difficult to imagine how they would fit together anyway.]

Reiji Takatori becomes Prime Minister of Japan. [Kapital: Episode 14]

Takatori Shuuichi is killed by his own elder brother, Takatori Reiji. Weiss executes Reiji. [Kapital: Episode 15]

Weiss split up. Schreient abducts Aya's sister and attack the rest of Weiss. Ken, Youji, Omi return as Weiss, without Aya. [Kapital: Episode 16]

Botan dies while protecting Aya. Aya returns to Weiss. [Kapital: Episode 17]

Farfarello is reunited with Rutz, his real mother. She dies while protecting Ken. [Kapital: Episode 18]

Sakura sees Aya execute Kawaji Isao, the musician behind Wunder X. [Kapital: Episode 19]

Omi meets a manipulative lawyer named Kinugawa Rinzou. [Kapital: Episode 20]

Weiss confront Schreient during a mission. Youji discovers Neu is Asuka and kills her. [Kapital: Episode 21]

Schwarz execute Schreient. Nagi uses his feelings about Tot to her to resurrect her, but whether he survived or not is unknown. [Kapital: Episode 22]

Schwarz kidnaps Aya's sister. Meanwhile, the Three Elders of SS arrive in Japan to perform a summoning ritual and Schwarz have kidnapped Sakura. [Kapital: Episode 23]

Weiss execute The Three Elders and face off against Schwarz. Aya's sister and Sakura escape with Manx, but the entire building crumbles into the sea with the two rival teams still inside. [Kapital: Episode 24]

Weapons are being diverted into illegal channels. Weiss executes a general from the US Forces. [Verbrechen & Strafe OAV]

During a mission, a previous incarnation of Weiss completes it ahead of them. Aya, Ken, Omi and Youji are actually the third generation. On their next mission, Weiss face off against the team that came directly before them. [Dramatic Precious]

Aya is reunited with Shion from Second Generation Weiss and realises what being in Weiss means. [Dramatic Precious]

Omi is reunited with his grandfather, Takatori Saijou. Weiss execute Iwafuji, yet another villain who has been making dolls out of people, this time by replacing their blood with wax. [Dramatic Precious]

Second Generation Weiss take Birman hostage on Nakatsugawa's orders. [Dramatic Precious]

Manx and the Crashers team attempt to rescue Birman, but the team is completely defeated. Manx dies and Weiss confronts the second generation Weiss (Shion, Rindou, Azami, Ayame). Birman commits suicide. [Dramatic Precious]

Ayame and Azami are murdered. [Dramatic Precious]

Karasuma is killed by Shion and Rindou. His final orders are the execution of Nakatsugawa, Shion and Rindou, and for Weiss to be broken up. [Dramatic Precious]

Omi finds out about the Takatori family history. [Dramatic Precious]

Omi executes Rindou, who came to murder Saijou. Saijou's bodyguards that he'd bought and trained from the age of three, Sano and Uno, are killed. [Dramatic Precious]

Aya, Ken and Youji fight Shion as Weiss. [Dramatic Precious]

Aya executes his mentor, Shion. [Dramatic Precious]

Omi accept his position as the last person left in the Takatori bloodline. Saijou is close to making him the Takatori heir. Meanwhile, Youji starts living as a pimp. Aya is working alone as an assassin in New York. Ken invites Youji to rejoin Weiss, but Youji refuses. [Gluhen II - Fight Fire With Fire]

Aya, Ken, and Kyou meet.

Omi becomes Persia IV. Aya, Youji, Ken are now Weiss. [Gluhen]

Ken and Youji are sent overseas on Persia's orders. [Gluhen]

Kyou joins Weiss and enters Koua Academy as a pupil. [Gluhen]

Before Aya infiltrates the academy, he goes out drinking with Knight, Rex, and Queen. [Gluhen Dramatic Soundtracks: Jazz Me Blues]

There's a string of a mysterious incidents at Koua Academy. [Gluhen]

Aya joins the academy as a history teacher. [Gluhen]

Sena joins the academy as a transfer student. He faces his past on a mission and comes to terms with his feelings. [Gluhen]

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  • Iron Man 3 Spoiler-lite Review

    I wrote a review of Iron Man 3 on Tumblr. You can also read it below, without the need to de-ROT13 it. Let’s get the non-spoilers out of the way:…

  • Films so far...

    Sorry for the lapse in posts -- if anyone is still reading, that is. Today, I went to a special screening of Oz, The Great and Powerful, had some…

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