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29 October 2011 @ 17:19

Fifty Of The World's Best Breakfasts (Not fifty of the world's best breakfasts (as many of the comments point out), but rather what you could expect from a luxury breakfast provided by your hotel if you stayed in that country. Or something that is eaten somewhere, sometime in the country specified. They all look delicious.)
Nature: Giant Amoebas Found In The Mariana Trench
Science: Global Warming Is A Thing That Is Real, Says Study (What makes this different from all those other studies that said it was real was that the main source of funding was a climate change denier.)
Thai Flooding: Crazy Photos Of $12 Million Worth Of New Hondas Underwater In Thailand! and Editorial: Reports From Thailand Often Show Disinterest In Lives Lost, Focus On Financial Losses
Tiger&Bunny: Tweet 'Happy Birthday' To Barnaby, Win Fabulous Prizes!
Writing: Actress Writes Trashy Blog Post For Playboy About Hiring Prostitutes (I'm linking to the blog post that pointed me to her post just to absolve myself of any responsibility (and to give you a second chance to click away). Said post described it as "the worst collection of words I've ever encountered". In truth, I found the writing compelling; not because of what she was describing, but for what she was revealing about herself. However, it was written with a lack of self-awareness that counteracts that. Or does it? Is it strange to acknowledge I would have welcomed more-or-less the same post by an author who was aware that she or he was writing fiction from the perspective of a truly awful person?)

I haven't had time to write much lately myself. I'm getting up at anywhere between 5:55 and 6:15 to go to work, teaching business classes in the evening and getting home around 9:00. My sleep has really suffered, but I should be better in about two weeks when one of my classes finishes. I've only got one class next week and even a day off for "Bunka no Hi". I'll almost certainly head to Asakusa to see the Tokyo Jidai festival, which apparently has no official website this year. Other sites assure me it's on though, although all of these are minor blogs in Japanese. English websites don't seem to mention it. Hm.

November also starts next week and I'm genuinely superstitious about that month. Something bad ALWAYS happens in it. Always. I'm hoping for something a little better this year though. Wish me luck!

I went to the Tokyo Comedy Store. Yes, after a week of getting to bed at 11;30 or (much) later and getting up at six, I still went out. It only happens once a month and there's only one more left that I can go to, to my knowledge. It was really good, and I'd recommend it to anyone.
キモさ満々♡ 미친 외국인: bitch I can't even HEAR THATdilettantka on 29th October 2011 10:25 (UTC)
Of course I read the prostitute article and just, wow.

I wouldn't be surprised if many people didn't even know there was flooding happening in Thailand...
Williamgenkischuldich on 29th October 2011 10:40 (UTC)
She's a very interesting character, isn't she? I should have instantly connected you with prostitutes and I'm ashamed to say I didn't. *sad face*
balljointedomiballjointedomi on 29th October 2011 11:29 (UTC)
As for the Polish breakfast (the fourth), I've never heard of someone eating jajecznica *with* potato pancakes (plędze). Both things are fried, it would be a pretty greasy breakfast XD Actually, I've never heard of someone eating plędze for breakfast, unless they had left-overs from the previous day's dinner/supper. It takes a bit of time to make them. Jajecznica certainly is popular, though! The meat in it is optional ('jajecznica' is just the polish word for 'scrambled eggs') but I've heard it's the most Polish to serve jajecznica with some meat.
tirwolftirwolf on 29th October 2011 15:20 (UTC)
The only version of potato pancakes that I know is the one passed on through my father who was Lithuanian. It was made with potatoes (shredded or put through a blender), diced onions, & seasonings served with sour cream. They do take time to make! I did make them for as part of a breakfast once as a substitute for hash browns but typically they were a dinner item. I was surprised by the kielbasa as that too was usually something that was served as a lunch or dinner item. Easter would consist of white kielbasa, red kielbasa, ham, boiled potatoes, bread & butter & cruschiki (I know that I'm mangling the spelling here, sorry!). Haven't been in a real Polish deli in decades!

Was disappointed with the "American breakfast". Those vary from eggs (in one form or another including omelets), bacon/sausage/ham, hash browns, & toast/roll/biscuit/croissant, served with or without pancakes/waffles/french toast or some combo thereof with coffee & some sort of fruit or fruit juice. The fancier places I've been in over the years do not typically serve pancakes or hash browns, as they are considered lower class fare. LOL.
balljointedomiballjointedomi on 29th October 2011 17:43 (UTC)
Sounds like we're talking about the same kind of potato pancakes :) My mother usually also adds carrots to the mass and we like eating them with sour cream *and* smoked salmon ;P, but the idea is the same ^^

I've personally never seen anyone eating jajecznica with kiełbasa, but many people like it with bacon bits. I guess some may eat it with kiełbasa... or use kiełbasa when they run out of bacon, but it probably wouldn't be served as in that picture.

The American breakfast looked very unhealthy, at least some veggies made it into the picture of the Polish one! ;)
tirwolftirwolf on 30th October 2011 14:26 (UTC)
Amer. breakfasts are meant to be unhealthy, I think...LOL... & they typically vary geographically. What you find in the north or northeast is not what you will find in the south or west or mid-west or northwest & if you add in the city versus country style variations, that's another story. That is why I had so many /'s in my comment & I didn't even include the cereal options or things such as oatmeal/farina/grits. Fruit &/or fruit juice is the healthy part I guess.

My father typically mixed just about anything in with eggs. I remember bologna, sardines, or ham mixed into scrambled eggs. That could have been a result of his army days or his depression era upbringing. Haven't heard of kielbasa with potato pancakes though. It was typically kielbasa served with beans or boiled potatoes.

Your profile says that you are in Japan but I am wondering if you are transplanted from Poland? Anyway, it has been fun chatting with you & learning about a shared culture. Thank you!

balljointedomiballjointedomi on 30th October 2011 14:45 (UTC)
I'm Polish and I live in Poland now :) (I was to Japan some time ago though) When I created the journal, it was supposed to be WK-centric, thus the location, and I think I even stole Omi's birthdate ;)

Thank you too!
tirwolftirwolf on 30th October 2011 14:57 (UTC)
I've never lived outside of the USA. Did do a rugby tour through England, Scotland & Wales in the late '70's. It was a blast! I'm the 56 yr old mother of 5 sons aged 26-19. Mom passed away in '94 & dad in 2006. We've been digging through the house (which is almost like an episode of "Hoarders" esp. after mom died) as the property, located in NYC is to finally close at the end of Nov. There is so much that we still don't know about our family on our father's side as his mother burned many papers & would not acknowledge any family once my grandfather passed when my father was 10. My mother was just oblivious to much of her background & never cared about it..just the people she knew growing up. So really, we know very little & enjoy learning more about our culture. Mom was Hungarian & Slovakian. Her grandparents came to the US at some point. We don't know when. Dad's parents came through Ellis Island. We do have some old papers that document those years but not any family ties to who or what was left behind or who may have come along, and, as those people are gone, we will probably never know. It is good to know your family even if you do not like them..lol.
tirwolftirwolf on 29th October 2011 14:42 (UTC)
November also starts next week and I'm genuinely superstitious about that month. Something bad ALWAYS happens in it. Always. I'm hoping for something a little better this year though. Wish me luck!

Yeah, Nov. has never been a particularly great month for me either. Some family member nearly gets killed on the highway around Thanksgiving & it is a time of stress with the onset of the holiday season which I haven't enjoyed in decades. It also heralds the anniversary of a failed marriage & the signing of my divorce papers. There are a list of things that occurred in Nov. & Dec. that are really negative for us here so I fully understand. I do hope that your Nov. is better than it has been thus far!
Williamgenkischuldich on 2nd November 2011 05:31 (UTC)
Thank you.

Two days in and it's not so bad so far. I'm trying to think of rational reasons that November is usually so bad (stress due to Christmas? Shorter days?), but everything that happens is unconnected to the date. And I hate being superstitious!
Esinde Nayrallred_squared on 29th October 2011 23:59 (UTC)
WHHHHHY did I click on the breakfast link when I just woke up, missed dinner last night and am starving?!

*thwaps idiot self*

Also, Vegimite -- blech.
Williamgenkischuldich on 2nd November 2011 05:31 (UTC)
Oops, sorry. If it makes you feel better, I feel hungry now too. :-)