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You don't have to be American to know how awful the US health care system is and how it lets down many good people. One of the people it's currently screwing over is viridian5, whose photographs and fanfic you've all probably seen at some point. Click here to read more and find out how you can help her. Even a click-thru on her Amazon page will help.


Actual News:
Female Student’s Naked Posts Tear The Veil From Face Of Secular Egypt I worry for her safety -- even secular liberals don't appear to be on her side.
BGLT: The Devotion Project: More Than Ever [Video] Short film (under 10mins) documenting a gay couples relationship over almost six decades. Bring the tissues.
BGLT: November 20th: International Transgender Day of Remembrance
BGLT: Glaad's Thanksgiving Campaign
Earth: At The Ghost Mountains of Madness via zalia
Facebook: When You Type @[251859230739:0] on Facebook It Turns Into "I’m Gay" Considering my friends, it would probably be funnier to make it @[63847107820:0] (is that right?) or similar.
Fashion: Backstage at GMHC's Fashion Forward GMHC stood for Gay Men's Health Crisis, although they don't seem to use that anymore(?). It's a charity dealing with AIDS/HIV help and awareness, so you don't even have to feel guilty about ogling all the models. They did it for charity. :)
Food: Toast Sandwich is UK's 'Cheapest Meal'
Japan: Ask Unsophisticated Questions
Japan: Rice from Areas of Fukushima is Surprisingly Radioactive
Japanese: Top 60 Japanese Words of 2011 A difficult list to read through -- most of them are connected with the Touhoku disaster in some way and have negative memories attached.
Movies: New Banners For The Avengers Movie
Poems: Poetry Through Erasure Fun to try yourself, but not really poetry.
Space: Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2011
Twilight: It's Time To Stop Being Angry At Twilight and Truth vs Twilight
Weiss Kreuz: Weiss Kreuz Yaoi Fanart [NSFW] from error256, via balljointedomi and NSFW!
Weiss Kreuz: Don't Make Me Turn This Car Around (BradSchu Fanart) from nuraya

I'm still looking to learn how to program. Ruby seems to have the best tutorials, Python is the one everyone says is cool but won't get you a job, while C++ and Java are said to be the most difficult but will bring in the money.

But honestly? As a kid, I used to "program" in BASIC. I didn't make things bounce around the screen or draw pictures like everyone else -- that was too difficult. Instead, I used to program in Choose Your Own Adventures with snippets of music I had made up, so it's possible that I'm not suited to programming. But this is something I want to try because I don't have many job options going back to the UK. Despite being more capable than ever at dealing with people and just basically handling anything that is thrown at me, I don't have any specific skills. So I figure I should pick a big one and tackle it head on. I'm probably best suited to customer service right now, but any business will probably take one look at me and say there's no way I'm coming into contact with customers.

And in other news, I've taken photographs of the first batch of magazines, CDs and manga, so get ready for a sales post really soon.

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