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Outdoor Walkable Rollercoaster Sculpture I cannot figure out how the loop works. This disturbs me.
BGLT: Seven LGBT Comedians You Shouldn't Have Missed in 2011
Butlers: Racing Waiters In Kanagawa
Japan: Book By Rapist-Killer To Become Film The autobiography glamorises his life on the run, portraying him as a kind of anime character, and the actor/producer has stated: "I may be able to shed some light on an angle that may not have yet been explored. The forces in society that may have distracted this man to make him what he is."
Nature: Brinicle: Finger of Death [Video] Includes images of starfish being killed by ice, so watch at your own risk.
Photography: 1970s America & The Environment Photographs so much more awesome than they sound. It really is a window into another country and era.
Random: Household Objects Taken Apart
Random: Pakistan Bans Previously Un-obscene Words From Text Messages
Science: The Lightest Material On Earth
Space: Alien Storm on Saturn

I finished my sales post. Please take a look and remember prices are negotiable.

I've had a busy week so far -- on Wednesday I went to the improv workshop as usual. It was tons of fun and I thought I had a pretty good scene at the end with everyone swarming the stage pretending to be sharks.

On Thursday I went to Hakone with J. He'd never been before, and it was stormy when I went with my parents, so we never saw Mt. Fuji. I thought the storms were rather nice though and I can remember mist rolling off the surrounding hills as we crossed Ashinoko (Lake Ashi) in a pirate ship. This time, it was winter and often there was literally not a cloud in the pale blue sky.

On Friday, I went to Tokyo Comedy Store for the last time (in the foreseeable future!). They don't have a show in December. Everyone in the audience was given free condoms for World AIDS Day and they all said "Have A Nice SEX!" on them.

Satuday, I had a rest and worked on some of my short stories. My current favourite is Dark Matters. I need to finish that up and submit it somewhere because I'm trying to have at least one story under consideration at all times.

And now I'm going to Dr. Sketchy's, which will also be the final show of the year. Everyone leaves Tokyo in December, you see. I think I have to leave in the next ten minutes to be there on time...

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