William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Books: The Voynich Manuscript Goes Online A 15th/16th century book either written in nonsense or written in a code so tough to crack that even professional cryptographers can't do it. Your pick. Either way, it's now been digitised and put online.
Books: New York Times' List of 100 Notable Books of 2011 [NYTimes] Almost all of them sound awful, frankly.
Books: Best LGBT Books of 2011 See above.
Comics: Interview With Alan Moore Fun interview with the man who wrote V For Vendetta and Watchmen, with particular reference to the masks now used by protesters.
Random: Jetman and Jets [Video]
Random: Santa School [NYTimes] There's a lot more to being Santa than I thought, including lessons on psychology and economics.
Science: UFOs Disrupting Search For God Particle Wow, it's almost 2012.
Space: The Mare in the Moon Kraken Mare is the name of a lake made of liquid hydrocarbons on Saturn's largest moon, Titan.
WTF: Hato-ful Kareshi J introduced this game to me last night and we played the free version together for a bit. It is BEST DATING SIM EVER. I mean it. It's awesome. You need to download the free version ASAP. Just a note: the listed seiyuu are just a joke. But the rest is very, very real.

I'm still taking offers on my manga/anime sales post.

After my final lesson on Monday, I went out to an izakaya named "Classy" 「蔵っしい」 with some of the students from my business English class. There was all-you-can-drink, plus sashimi and fried chicken and grilled sunfish and oysters, then nabe followed by fried manjuu. It was amazing!

I'm off to my improv class in a few hours, after a bit of writing. Still focussing on Dark Matters and Golden Jubilee, if you were wondering. As for reading, I just finished Impro For Storytellers and have picked up where I left off with Kraken. Suddenly it seems far more enjoyable, so I don't know what happened there. In fact, its unashamed genre-bending is admirable.

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