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GoodReads' Picks of 2011
Japan Comedy: Tokyo Improv Festival
Tech: Oil Painting Typewriter
Twitter: Top Twitter Hashtags 2011
UK Comedy: Yorkshire Comedy ...No reason.
UK Comedy: Chortle

A inprov festival is coming to Tokyo! I only heard about it on Wednesday. Anyway, I'm going to one of the Japanese shows, which will be done in the Theatresports format and only costs 500 yen, probably because it's happening in Shinjuku at 10.30am. I've applied for the two workshops.

Next Wednesday, I'm going to be performing in our own Tokyo Comedy Store Theatresports show! Very excited. And here's a weird thing: I finally signed up to perform a stand-up set for Open Mike (Double Tall Cafe, 20th December). The whole set-up seems friendly enough, but I don't want to be That Guy.

On a completely different note, the Japanese Kanji Proficiency Society will announce the Kanji of the Year very soon. It's an annual event that's been going since 1995, but you'll immediately notice that they've already "used up" kanji such as 震 (quake) and 災 (disaster). However, for most of us, there's only one event that comes to mind when talking about 2011. I think 原 (gen or hara, referencing nuclear power or fields) would be interesting, but 北 (kita, meaning north) would be one of the best choice. All that is moot because it's definitely going to be 絆 (kizuna, community). I would put real money on it.

What December looks like right now. If you want to join me, let me know. :)

9th Friday Night Magic (Card-gaming)
10th Theatresports in Shinjuku (Audience, 500 yen, in Japanese)
11th -
12th Impro Workshop (Guest Teacher)
13th Impro Workshop (Guest Teacher)
14th Tokyo Comedy Store Student Show: Theatresports (Performing)
15th -
16th Friday Night Magic (Card-gaming)
17th Trance Mask Workshop (Guest Teacher)
18th -
19th -
20th Stand Up Open Mike (Performing??)

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