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Iron Man 3 Spoiler-lite Review

I wrote a review of Iron Man 3 on Tumblr. You can also read it below, without the need to de-ROT13 it.

Let’s get the non-spoilers out of the way: Iron Man 3 is awesome, Mandarin is nowhere near the awful villain you (I) imagined, and yes, there is an after-credits sequence. The rest is ROT13-encoded for your pleasure. I’m still trying to keep it spoiler-lite though.

The overwhelming impression I have after leaving the cinema is that of character-centric one-liners rather than action. It definitely features the best henchman surrender line ever.

Unfortunately, I’d seen a lot of the action in the trailer already. Already knew people fell from a plane and that ten or so other Iron Men showed up, not to mention I knew there would be The Mandarin.

Prior to viewing the film, Mandarin made me cringe, although I became more and more enamoured of Ben Kingsley’s eccentric pronunciation (“You’ll neverrrrr see me coming.”) the more I watched the trailer. Once upon a time, Mandarin was the embodiment of the “yellow peril”. He was indeed Chinese, had ten rings of power and was an amazing martial artist. Okay, that’s all I remember — I was more of an X-Men fan, but I got a few back issues of Iron Man when I saw them going cheap. It’s what being a Marvel fan is all about.

So, they cast Ben Kingsley to get away from that and still keep the name and iconography of Iron Man’s most famous enemy. How did they do?

Fantastically, as it happens. Let’s just say the Mandarin is not all he appears and, because I’m a comics fan, I neverrrrr saw it coming. I was expecting rings of power, but what I got instead was even better and funny as hell. More snappy dialogue here.

I wish I’d never seen the trailer though and not so many times. I wish I didn’t know about all those other Iron Men. It might have made the climax a bit more awesome.

The “Barrel of Monkeys” sequence is incredible, and only briefly spoiled in the trailer. Definitely the highlight in all the action sequences.

As for that after-credits sequence, all I will say is that it’s Tony Stark talking to another man. Hey, you need a few surprises.

Can’t wait to see this again. I usually judge films based on my expectations before going into the cinema, so the fact that I loved this as much as I did considering how much I was already looking forward to it already is an excellent sign. The only negative I have to say about it is: Christmas??

I've also seen eleven other films since my last post, and made a few repeat trips to others. I'll definitely try to review them in the future.

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