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23 October 2011 @ 01:21

Anime: Zetman Anime Official Site via galerian_ash
Books: Author Asked To Withdraw From US Book Award After Accidental Inclusion On The Shortlist
Books: Julian Barnes Wins Booker Prize
Japan: '10,000 Free Flights For Foreigners' Isn't True (Yet?) ...And it shouldn't be.
Movies: Photographs From The Set Of The Immortals
Movies: Akira Is One Step Closer To Being Made No no no nonono. NO.
Random: Man 'Surfs' Great White Shark
Science: Neutrinos Don't Move Faster Than Light And What Went Wrong
Space: Scientists Discover Ozone Layer On Venus
Tiger&Bunny: All-Character Vampires from youkofujima
Warm & Fuzzy: Same-Sex Couple To Wed After 52 Years Together

I went to see Alien in the cinema the other day. Even though I knew when all the jump scenes were and what would happen at each stage, it was still terrifying after all these years. Well, except for the chest-burster scene where the alien jumps out and zips across the table. But mostly it's fantastic.

Since my last post, I've been to Friday Night Magic twice, which is a competitive card gaming event for Magic: The Gathering. I totally failed the first time, but the second time I won a match. I love taking part, yes, but I do prefer it when I win! Next week, of course, I'll be going to the Tokyo Comedy Store. But the week after that, I hope to have made my deck better, probably by including more one mana cards, swapping some cards out and sorting out the mana balance.

I added the official Gluhen timeline into the All That Weiss timeline after seeing a discussion about it here. Yes, it's probably been done already, but I was feeling overwhelmed by all the crazy radiation articles in the newspaper lately. It's a vicious cycle -- you see a claim so bizarre that you google it and turn up all these crazy websites rather than legit ones because no legit site has even considered the possibility of said claim. And so you enter the insanity spiral... It was relaxing to just move information around on a page.

Anyway, here it is. Corrections welcome.

RED indicates where something went very wrong. This is usually where the two timelines disagree.

TimelineCollapse )
26 September 2011 @ 23:46

Top 10 Things To Do In Japan [National Geographic] One thing that struck me about this list was that it was so inane. Isn't NG the magazine responsible for all those Long Exposure Photography Of The Stars Over A Mountain Range pictures? I love those. Anyway this list recommends you go Kyoto and Asakusa, try out a hot spring, stay in an extremely expensive ryokan and eat ramen. Woah. I should do a similar list for them about Britain. 1: Go to London and Edinburgh. 2: Stay in an expensive hotel. 3) Have a sausage roll from Greg's. Hey, I'm pretty good at this!
News: Women in Saudi Arabia given right to vote
Photography: Inside a Mexican Meth Lab
Ponies: Ending Scene, side-by-side with Star Wars Everypony, you have to see this! Spoilers for season 2, episode 2.
Random: People Pointing At Stuff

I got up at 6am today, started getting dressed. About fifteen minutes later I got a phone call: I wasn't needed.

So, today I've been working. I sent off an article proposal to a magazine and am feeling nervous about it. Sending stuff is exhausting! And, of course, I wrote a bit more fanfic. It's turning out to be somewhat epic.

I'm getting frustrated with my article on Chichibu. Too many damn photos.

From now on, I've got a busy week ahead of me. I'm teaching every night from here until next weekend, and when I'm not, I'm backstage at the theatre, performing myself or having my teeth done. And a reminder for anyone who wants to come to the improv night where I'll be performing, here are the details again. It's next week and I'd love to see you there. :)

Improv Student Showcase
Place: Our Space, Hatagaya (Tokyo)
Date: October 5th 2011
Doors open: 8:00pm
Show starts: 8:30pm
Finish: 10:00pm (roughly)
Cost: 500 yen.
Reservations: Not needed. But tell me so I can give you directions.
What: Four groups of improvisers compete to be the funniest. You can give suggestions and vote for the best.
24 September 2011 @ 01:03
This is really just for my own use (and J, if he thinks it will help in the slightest). But if you want to know the story behind it, I'm entering a Magic: The Gathering tournament tomorrow.

In Japanese.

With a totally new set.

With a totally new card mechanism.

And I'm not even a good player in English.

So here's a list of keyword abilities, with Japanese, pronunciation and English. It's not comprehensive, unfortunately.

Japanese Magic:The Gathering TermsCollapse )

My aim? To get through the afternoon without embarrassing myself.

Promo shots of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows Never heard of either the original or this remake up until now, but I do like Tim Burton's eye for colour and composition. Regarding the genre, a "gothic soap opera" sounds awesome, but maybe that's why I'm an anime fan -- that kind of genre is commonplace for us.
Movies: Tokyo International Film Festival
Science: Neutrinos Breaking Light Speed at CERN...? Either there has been a miscalculation (what most scientists are assuming) or we have to rethink the whole 'nothing moves faster than light' thing.
Space: @UARS_Reentry Will UARS fall out of orbit onto your head? Find out here! (I have a theory. With all the bad luck and natural disasters and extreme weather this country has been having, UARS will land on Fukushima Dai-ichi.)
Tiger&Bunny: Arigatou Soshite Arigatou Event Report from youkofujima. I've put in my ticket request for HERO AWARDS.
Tiger&Bunny: Kotetsu's Hat On sale in December.
Vertigo: Man Climbs Stalin's Skyscraper [Video] Difficult to watch...

Spam From Japan: Brazilian Day in Yoyogi Park, Harajuku

I decided to take a short-cut between some rice fields the other day. I'd done it twice before, when it was raining and enjoyed watching ducks splashing in the paddies either side of me on the narrow path. This time, I heard a rustling in the grass beside me. Since I had my umbrella, I brushed the top of the grass to see what would come out, thinking it would be a lizard. Out it came... longer and longer... It was a reddish snake with black banding, about 60cms long! I walked briskly away, getting mildly concerned (though, bizarrely, never panicked) that I couldn't see where my feet were going because the path had become overgrown over the summer. I just kept walking and made it to work safely.

So that's why none of the kids ever use that short cut.

It's a national holiday today (autumnal equinox), so I went to see Taxi Driver -- the TOHO 10am Classic -- and really enjoyed it. Despite having never seen it before, I thought I knew it pretty well, but it turns out that I didn't. Although never designed to have that effect, it made me want to visit New York again. It looks just like Tokyo, just dirtier. :)

Btw, the trailer for Genji Monogatari: Sennen no Nazo was incredibly pretty.
21 September 2011 @ 20:20

Random: Suicide By Rollercoaster It's about a man who has set out to design a deadly rollercoaster, not about someone who actually did it...
Typhoon Roke: Powerful Typhoon Roke hits Japan (BBC)
Typhoon Roke: Typhoon Roke Makes Landfall in Japan (Bloomberg)

So, that typhoon has now passed over our house as a "category one hurricane" (you know, if it were a hurricane). J is stranded in Tokyo as the trains aren't running and the cat is a little perturbed.

Well, now it's heading up north and the scenario that the US media were creaming themselves over for Typhoon Talas looks like it's actually going to happen. It's heading for, not just Ishinomaki in Miyagi, but also Kobuchi-Hama on the Oshika Peninsula, where we helped the oyster-farmers. When I was there, Ishinomaki flooded at high tide under normal circumstances, so this could be very bad indeed. Please keep them in your thoughts. There is a chance it could weaken into a tropical storm before or after Fukushima prefecture.
21 September 2011 @ 00:18

Teen Titans Has A Gay Member
Random: US UFO Sightings Spike In August, Presumably Due To Movie Releases
Redheads: Sperm Bank Turns Down Red-Head Donors Schuldig is a sad panda.
UK: UK Government Announces Plans For Marriage Equality And in the US, DADT is finished too.

Guess who has finally allowed himself to read Livejournal again? ;)

Tiger&Bunny: Friendship Is Magic #25 SPOILERSCollapse )

Summary: I recommend this series. You can link me to your spoilers posts now and also any posts that I may have missed.
13 September 2011 @ 23:17
Tiger&Bunny #24 SpoilersCollapse )

Summary: Please note the above LJ-cut. That is what you should do after watching the final episode. Thank you. I may even skip Twitter/LJ until I've seen it. It IS Serious Business, after all.

Doesn't MLP:FIM season two start airing on the same day this ends (more or less)?
10 September 2011 @ 23:47


Mirai Nikki Official Site (Via bemysty.)
Japan: Hallucination Competition In Hokkaidou For Those With Mental Illnesses I hate it when people just shrug their shoulders and go 'oh Japan...' to excuse stuff that wouldn't fly anywhere else and I try never to say it myself. Having said that... well, it's difficult to tell whether this is a reporting issue or not, which it could well be.
Japan: Photographs of Rice Fields in Himeji
LGBT: Transgender Contestant Wows Australia's X-Factor [VIDEO]
Nature: Giant, Logged Trees
Photography: HowToBeARetronaut.com (Via indelicateink.)
Politics: Industry Minister Resigns Over 'Town of Death' Comment Apparently, many news services (originally?) translated his comment as "ghost town". And now I've linked to something political, I can't really hold it in much longer. You know what? I LIKED Kan. Believe it or not, I WANT an anti-nuclear PM! Sure, he was unprepared for a disaster of this magnitude, but no other Prime Minister would have been. Not even super-popular Koizumi could have handled this well. And Kan didn't do too badly after all. And the "scandal" that the opposing politicians are up in arms about simply means that the Diet is happier to accept money from TEPCO than a foreign resident. And I'm angry that Noda et al were all squabbling in Tokyo about who should be the next PM instead of helping out people in Fukushima.
Radiation: Testing Food For Radiation in Japan Contrary to popular opinion, it IS done.
Tiger&Bunny: That-Pin-From-The-Anime Giveaway & Character Perfumes From what I can figure out, to be one of the 500 people who gets the pin, you have to collect three tokens from Newtype magazines around October/November. Both links from galerian_ash.
Tiger&Bunny: Kotetsu & Bunny Mousepads With Giant 3D Asses Surprisingly, not particularly work-safe...

I went to the Asakusa Comedy Show on Friday, which is a great show, but has yet to draw much of an audience. Give it a go -- going to things on Friday night is fantastic, because it makes the weekend seem longer. This is particularly the case for me when I have to do Grown-Up Stuff like getting my teeth cleaned, which meant I couldn't go to a Magic: The Gathering event. I'm probably going to be entering the tournament in Hiroshima next month, so I wanted a go at playing real people.

Speaking of which, I stopped in Kichijouji and saw a few mikoshi processions and also signed up for an Innistrad (MTG) pre-release party. I've noticed a few fans describing the Innistrad symbol as looking like a Dodrio from Pokemon. They may have a point. :)

I'm still working on my writing (I think "First Snow" is almost ready to be sent off!), but right now I'm going through my photographs of Brazilian Day at Yoyogi Park. One such photo is above.
26 August 2011 @ 01:34

Hurricane Irene: Hurricane Tracker
Science: Rainbow Cloud
Tiger&Bunny: Gen Doujinshi
Tokyo: 40 Facts About Tokyo

I didn't manage to get tickets for the Tiger&Bunny final episode event in the pre-order sale, but maybe I can get something in the regular sale? Edit: Here's why! 60,000 people applied for 400 seats.

I really liked last Saturday's episode. Tiger&Bunny #21 spoilersCollapse )

Speaking of animation, internet rumours put the next series of MLP: Friendship is Magic as starting in the middle of next month (September).

As for real life, I tried to make a call to the dentist, but a curt recorded message told me to ring during business hours. I made the call at 3pm on a Wednesday...

My co-worker arrived today babbling about Elenin/Nibiru/Planet X and how the world is going to end in 2012. Love this coworker, he always keeps me updated on the latest Stupid Internet Shit. And slightly nervous too (I try to tune him out whenever he mentions Fukushima). Anyway, I looked up his conspiracy theory on Wikipedia and was enlightened. This quote from Govert Schilling is fantastic: "...and all the public at large is concerned about is some crackpot theory about clay tablets, god-astronauts and a planet that doesn't exist."

"Clay tablets, god-astronauts and a planet that doesn't exist"? Is that an awesome writing prompt or what!?

Busy day tomorrow. I have to get up early-ish for a gas equipment inspection, go to Tokyo to sign a contract in the afternoon and am going to Tokyo Comedy Store in the evening with friends. The thing is, all these things have several hours between them, meaning a lot of waiting around with nowhere to go. By the way, the next improv student showcase will be October 5th (Wednesday). I'd really appreciate it if anyone in Tokyo who isn't busy could come.

Finally, I hope everyone on the east coast of the US stays safe and makes it through Hurricane Irene okay. You're in my thoughts.
24 August 2011 @ 02:57

Another Hellraiser movie made just to cling on to the rights. Clive Barker has some interesting comments about that.
Film: Paradise Lost really does seem to be happening.
Tiger&Bunny: "Arigatou! Soshite, Arigatou!" All-Night Event Posting this again -- lottery ticket results and regular ticket sale coming up soon.

SpamFromJapan: Volunteering Up North Part 5: Camp Life And with that, the series is complete! Thank you to everyone who read it. Judging by the responses to my previous LJ post, the next one will be about Chichibu in Saitama. Random fact: there are posters all over the town proclaiming it to be the setting for Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. So there.

Very proud of myself today -- I mailed ALL THE THINGS. Now I just need to make one call to book an appointment with a dentist and I'm done with being an adult for the year.

Sleep now.