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From Fandom Lounge over on JournalFen:
  • Transformers Theme 2007. Initially I wondered what the wailing and weeping in the comments was for, and then the vocal track cut in. It's so... lifeless and weak.

    From nokiirat:
  • Hey, anyone remember Gackt? He's back with GOOD PV and song here ("Returner").

    It's another Koyasu Takehito blog translation!

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    I downloaded Bokura no #6 and #7 yesterday and I thought #6 was the strongest of the series so far. Collapse )

    I also downloaded Dennou Coil #1 on the recommendation of about half my flist and I will probably watch it in the new apartment tomorrow. :)

    Well, tomorrow I'm moving house and I don't know when I'll be able to log back on. Maybe I'll break down and buy internet cafe time after payday. But not before then, because I have no money. I'm going to have to give up on the idea of buying Neoromance Live tickets tomorrow. Not going to happen.

    Take care everyone!