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Saiyuuki: Gojyo Aroused

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So... THAT was Comiket.

I just looked up the Comiket page and went, while having very little idea of what to expect. And, predictably, I did everything wrong. But it's okay, I'll know next time.

1) I thought it wouldn't be worth buying the very expensive Comiket catalogue, because it wouldn't help me. Actually, it turns out it really IS a good idea and should be done in advance.
2) I thought it'd be pretty much the same both days. It isn't. One is apparently more hentai-oriented, the other more yaoi.
3) I didn't even find the official booth room on the first day.
4) Atobe x Oshitari is hot...!? Since when did I like Atobe!?
5) I didn't think to make a note of which halls I had or hadn't visited. I think I might've visited a number of halls twice and some not at all. But I'm not sure.
6) Somebody in Japan is drawing/writing Doraemon-suit bukkake. I have seen his face...
7) They SAID on the website that it's better for first-timers to arrive in the afternoon. They LIED.
8) 3 and 7 worked against me and I missed some interesting seiyuu/mangaka events on the second day and don't even know what I missed on the first.

One of the coolest moments was walking past this poster at one of the booths which had a picture of Sailor Moon on it. I went past, then stopped and looked again. It said SANZOU MOON. And the 'girl' in the sailor suit with the flowing blond hair was actually...

OMG. And so I said hello to the doujin circle and admired their work. We got on pretty well and just before I left, they gave me this doujin clothes peg, painted sparkly purple and with miniature sculptures of a pig and a kappa (Hakkai and Gojyo!). So cool! Oh, and I bought their doujin, of course!

Another cool moment was when I met two Meine Liebe cosplayers (Lui and Camus), said hello and generally sparkled in their direction. ^^;; They seemed nice.

I don't even like Atobe, but I got a doujinshi featuring him and Oshitari because it was THAT good. It's full comic (no novel included) and thicker than my finger. It's also the same story throughout (angsty bondage-ish sex with a happy ending) and with consistently high quality art. Absolutely amazing and my favourite doujinshi now, I think.

Finally, I've got the WEIRDEST piece of Loveless merchandise ever from Kouga Yun-sensei's booth. It's a doll photoshoot book with contributions from her in the form of two or three drawings and two photos of a Ritsuka and Soubi doll. The rest is of random doll pictures and doll photoshoots from other contributors (some disturbingly sexual). It's truly bizarre. I also got a Zero Sum Calendar and the latest KoZeroSum.

Pay day is a long way off.... ;_;