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I had a wonderful new year. I went with dilettantka, hinoai, kuroe, yume_no_koe, mizukiaya, _miyuchan_ and Sarah (Okay, I confess I nicked that list of LJs off Eda!) to Shibuya, where we managed to have dinner from 6pm to 9pm at TGI Fridays and then went to an NHK screen near Yoyogi Park to watch their New Year's show (on said big screen) with a crowd of maybe 100 or so other people.

NHK's show was pretty special, particularly TM Revolution and his army of all-singing, all-dancing Star Wars Stormtroopers. There was also another group singing Kimi ni Juice wo Katte Ageru (I looked it up -- it was from Keroro Gunsou -- I knew I'd heard it somewhere!). Oh, and Porno Graffiti, female impersonators and a ton of enka. YAY!

At eleven, we headed back to Shibuya and booked ourselves a karaoke room and waited there for a bit. On a whim, at about four minutes to midnight, we decided to all go outside and sing Auld Lang Syne. When we got outside, however, we noticed that everyone was running for the main square, where the famous crossing is. So we ran after them.

It was packed! Although we couldn't see the clock, we counted down the seconds (san... ni... ichi...) with everyone else and then this whole square of people cheered! Then we rushed back to our karaoke room because our time started from twelve and programmed in Auld Lang Syne for everyone. We did karaoke until 5am... ^_^

After that, we headed to the Meiji-Jingu shrine in Yoyogi Park. All the lanterns were glowing orange as everyone made their trek to the temple at around 5.30am... it was amazing! When we got there, we threw our hundred yen coins into the pit made specially for new year (I'm guessing) and made our wish. We also went over to the booths and got our New Year fortunes told. You shake a wooden box, turn it upside down and a single thin stick appears from a hole in the top, which has a number on it. The shrine maiden then gives you the right fortune. Mine was good, I think, after consulting with just about everyone there. The language was rather flowery!

Then, we went to a special circle of food booths set up in the park for shrine visitors. Every kind of Japanese food you can think of...! I had gyouza and James had tentacle on a stick. Everyone else became jealous of my large, magnificent gyouza and had some too. :P Gradually the sky got lighter and the crows woke up... It was just amazing. I think we got back to Yachiyo around 8.00-8.30am...

Today I've mostly been relaxing and playing Tennis no Oujisama for the DS, which is incredibly addictive. It's so cute seeing little pixel Fuji doing Tsubamegaeshi. And all the best characters are unlockable...

Half-way through, "Mr Smith's Shop" unlocked and I'm now able to buy special voice messages from the characters and trading cards. I can also feed my characters... Except I'm not, because I'm also buying tickets for special events in game. How realistic! :3

Here's the homepage, with samples, for that Atobe x Oshitari doujinshi I mentioned yesterday: Rokugatsu no Hebi by Jouzai K. The doujinshi I bought is the very top one, but apparently they also do Ootori/Shishido! I guess I arrived too late for that one.
Saiyuuki: Gojyo Aroused

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So... THAT was Comiket.

I just looked up the Comiket page and went, while having very little idea of what to expect. And, predictably, I did everything wrong. But it's okay, I'll know next time.

1) I thought it wouldn't be worth buying the very expensive Comiket catalogue, because it wouldn't help me. Actually, it turns out it really IS a good idea and should be done in advance.
2) I thought it'd be pretty much the same both days. It isn't. One is apparently more hentai-oriented, the other more yaoi.
3) I didn't even find the official booth room on the first day.
4) Atobe x Oshitari is hot...!? Since when did I like Atobe!?
5) I didn't think to make a note of which halls I had or hadn't visited. I think I might've visited a number of halls twice and some not at all. But I'm not sure.
6) Somebody in Japan is drawing/writing Doraemon-suit bukkake. I have seen his face...
7) They SAID on the website that it's better for first-timers to arrive in the afternoon. They LIED.
8) 3 and 7 worked against me and I missed some interesting seiyuu/mangaka events on the second day and don't even know what I missed on the first.

One of the coolest moments was walking past this poster at one of the booths which had a picture of Sailor Moon on it. I went past, then stopped and looked again. It said SANZOU MOON. And the 'girl' in the sailor suit with the flowing blond hair was actually...

OMG. And so I said hello to the doujin circle and admired their work. We got on pretty well and just before I left, they gave me this doujin clothes peg, painted sparkly purple and with miniature sculptures of a pig and a kappa (Hakkai and Gojyo!). So cool! Oh, and I bought their doujin, of course!

Another cool moment was when I met two Meine Liebe cosplayers (Lui and Camus), said hello and generally sparkled in their direction. ^^;; They seemed nice.

I don't even like Atobe, but I got a doujinshi featuring him and Oshitari because it was THAT good. It's full comic (no novel included) and thicker than my finger. It's also the same story throughout (angsty bondage-ish sex with a happy ending) and with consistently high quality art. Absolutely amazing and my favourite doujinshi now, I think.

Finally, I've got the WEIRDEST piece of Loveless merchandise ever from Kouga Yun-sensei's booth. It's a doll photoshoot book with contributions from her in the form of two or three drawings and two photos of a Ritsuka and Soubi doll. The rest is of random doll pictures and doll photoshoots from other contributors (some disturbingly sexual). It's truly bizarre. I also got a Zero Sum Calendar and the latest KoZeroSum.

Pay day is a long way off.... ;_;