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The Japan 30-day Meme: Day 20

NSFW warning: Japan Fetish Ball is on this month, so mark Nov 20th in your diar-- ah, no one else cares, right?

I've recently been listening to podcasts. I think my favourite is Noshuku Kangen Japanese (濃縮還元ジャパニーズ) in which some dude in his basement picks a word and rambles about it for five minutes or until his recording equipment gives out. The catch is that he picks a simple word each time, but for you to follow everything he says, it can't be the first time you've heard it.

I also listen to music podcasts - Dark Horizons (EBM/goth/industrial) plays great music, although the hosts tend to ramble somewhat. Same for Monday Night 80's. The Requiem (goth club/industrial) has a worse song choice, but it's an uninterrupted DJ mix.

Here are some of the songs I liked (YouTube):

Grendel - Zombie Nation

Necessary Response - Dying in the Worst Way

The Bravery - Jack-O'-Lantern Man

Day 20 - Favourite Japanese festival or folklore.

By coincidence, I've just come back from one of my favourite festivals -- the Tokyo Jidai Matsuri. It's a parade in Asakusa dedicated to historical figures. You can tell who represents specific people because they have paper taped to them with their name on it. I went last year and loved the attention to detail on the costumes, although I can't speak with any authority on their accuracy. Many of the people in the parade perform, but once again I wasn't in the right area -- I think it's right in front of Kaminarimon. Next year then. I wrote a blog post with photos about it a couple of days ago here. I'm sure I'll have new ones up any day now - including pictures of the new Tokyo Sky Tree. <-- Does that take the definitive article? I want to say "The Tokyo Sky Tree", but we don't say "The Tokyo Tower", do we?

Another favourite festival is Itabashi Hanabi Taikai. It's less crowded than many other firework festivals and I have great memories of going there with my friends, eating red velvet cake and sitting on the grass, surrounded by dragonflies. 夏カシイ! (sorry)

My favourite piece of folklore has to be the kitsune. Foxes can do anything.

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Chintsubu: Rabbit!

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This was Sunday's "Season" column in the Asahi Newspaper. A poem by Kamo no Mabuchi (賀茂真淵).



I thought the explanation was beautiful. I'm going to be going home (briefly) soon, where I will proceed to buy up all the Cadbury's Flakes and mead. That's where my flowering road leads.

I went to the butcher near our house for the first time today. I should have gone sooner, since the meat was really cheap and high quality. I just have a fear of smaller shops/restaurants just because I've had so many experiences of being thrown out of them in the past.

Kuroshitsuji news

In other news, Velvet Network radio looks like it's going on hiatus for a bit from the next episode.

Went to Machine Magic (monthly gothic-industrial event) and was surprised to see a clip from it up later at JGoth. I imagine the guy recording it was one of the people I was speaking to. Anyway, I saw Psydoll, Neurotic Doll and Custom Mummy.

Darkest Fest - June 13th
Club Walpurgis - June 19th
Goth Bar Heaven - June 25th
Midnight Mess - June 26th

I'm sure I won't be going to all of these though... Definitely Walpurgis though and one of either Midnight Mess or Goth Bar Heaven. Anyone else want to come?

I talked about the auditions earlier... looks like I made it! I was surprised so I didn't really hear the casting director's description of my character (I think he said the character was Phillip(s), so either a new character or I misheard). Pretty sure it's minor and non-speaking though and I guess more-or-less everyone got in. But still, I'm very excited about this!

Thank you very much to umbrellaofdoom for posting the audition details.