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All the stuff I forgot to mention yesterday...

On Wednesday, I went out with kurayamihimitsu who very kindly tried to show me to the Shibuya Animate. Let's just say the map on their website does not reflect reality at all. In the end, we managed to get there by going to a completely different station exit than suggested by the map.

If you want to preorder something at Animate, you just take a small card off the wall to the till. However, they didn't have one for the Velvet Under World single! I managed to preorder it anyway. Yeah, that was my sole reason for going.

After that we did some karaoke (and I was forcibly lent the first three Harry Potter books). I haven't sung in ages though and I was terrible.

Today I went to Kichijouji and bought some trousers and some boxers. The designs are crap though... I got three of one design just because that was the only decent one available.

kuroe and I rented some DVDs this week. We got a third of the latest Wrestlemania, the extended DVD of Lord of the Rings, Cutie Honey TV volume one, Ghost In The Shell: Innocence, Gintama volume two and Tennis no Oujisama: Futari no Samurai.

However, after watching the first Wrestlemania DVD (it had to go back the next day), we started to watch Cutie Honey and Lord of the Rings. Before we knew it, it was the day to return them! kuroe has ripped them though and I'm sure we'll watch them eventually.

Cutie Honey was interesting, although I thought the film was better since it got fairly repetitive after a while. Every week she encounters a new demon, changes outfits a lot and then kills it with her sword. The backgrounds are bizarrely dream-like and the fights pretty cool with her theme music playing in the background. I didn't know that in canon she's a Catholic schoolgirl whose teacher has a crush on her. Good to know!

I also finished reading another one of the books I "rescued" from my workplace.

"Along Came A Spider" is a book of mixed quality. kuroe asked me how it was about a third of the way in and I told him that Collapse )

And, of course, I also finished the first Harry Potter (in English this time). Wow, the Japanese translation is RUBBISH! Anyway, I liked it a lot. I'd tell you whether I would read the second book based on this, but no one's giving me any choice in the matter! What I liked about it was that it glorified my experiences of school life rather than life in an American or Japanese school. The nearest I've seen up until now is Grange Hill(!). So, it's shamelessly British and I love it for that.

I was getting a bit tired of hearing about Dudley though. Collapse )

My favourite line?

"Where's the cannon?" he said stupidly.

I feel a mixture of idiocy and gleefulness at writing a spoiler post for the first book when everyone is talking very, very seriously about the final book.